URBNTherapy is 501c3 non-for-profit founded by Candace Rice; strategically marketing, establishing databases, compiling aid resources and distributing a compiled resources to receive funding for mental health services, black therapists, and black Christian therapists to communities in need that are not aware of mental health counseling resources or cannot finance counseling/therapy services. Essentially, we are working to make therapy and counseling for underserved black/brown communities free. 


We are committed to shifting the stigmas about mental health in totality in addition to providing financial literacy and encouraging collective, legacy driven mindsets in at risk communities.

URBNTherapy will provide a virtual, local directory to counseling services and resources for session funding.  We are here to assist in helping the community grow mentally, emotionally, and in knowledge of finances and generational building. 

The adage goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”; however our “village” requires foundational healing, learning the language of money, guidance, and a deep restructuring to a focus on family to effectively move forward and compete as a collective.

Embracing mental health has become a trending topic in the dialogue of generational growth. So many people of influence have expressed being empowered by embracing mental health services, however the community that needs it the most, that will benefit the most, is lacking due to cultural stigmas. Going to a therapist and addressing mental health simply “ain’t cool” or is generally viewed as an option for the “weak”. The Rice Foundation believes in shifting perspectives and bringing awareness to at risk communities and youth through urban culture social media strategy to push forward healing narratives and distribute organized assistance to those in need but not aware of the information and resources. Our ultimate goal is to help and elevate those that need the help, but don’t know they need the help.