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URBNTherapy is working diligently to complete our virtual community project of designing a free to download application that will serve as a resource for those who cannot afford or do not have easy access to mental health services and counseling support. 


Your support helps us to:

-Promote/market to the community and audience that needs the app resources the most

-Conduct the research necessary to compile a database for available therapists with virtual sessions.

-Create video modules of support, guidance, and positive influence to youth suffering from lack of masculine guidance and influence within the home. 

-Overall App Design 

-The technology to source our directory and continuously expand it city by city.

-Support a team of tech professionals that can update and secure the app. 



UrbnTherapy works continuously to change the stigmas of mental health in lower income, minority communities; with a special focus towards African American, at risk communities. We have been and still are fighting countless battles to elevate ourselves after disenfranchisement ; especially for the many black house holds struggling with single parent foundations, negative street influence, finances, and living everyday life in survival mode.

Survival trauma for our people should not be a standard. #HealTheVillage

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